Colour Me Films – Digital Greeting Cards

Colour Me Film's employed us to produce a series of animations to send to clients, these animations are personalized video greeting cards, the brief was to make a mischievous bunny memorable, funny and just to say Happy Holidays. What immediately sprang to mind at 10tickles was a visual solution using paper craft, this reflects the physical greeting cards, you know, with a fold in the middle and a message inside. Paper craft is made by cutting and gluing paper together to build characters and objects of any kind but mainly from pop culture. We knew this is the perfect 3D look for our mischievous bunny, who is employed by Colour Me Films to take care of the office while staff is away on holidays, but little do they know, all bunny wants to do is party, photo copy body parts, drink carrot cider until passing out, and even have an awkward run in with Santa.