FlushBack, our new, award-winning AR adventure brings to life the rich history and remarkable engineering of the heritage-listed Spotswood Pumping Station while also building students’ understanding of the importance of sewerage systems, and how they fit into the water cycle. Built in the 1890s to deal with Melbourne’s growing (and very smelly) sewage problem, the Pumping Station is considered a remarkable feat of 19th century engineering. For almost 70 years, all the sewerage collected in Melbourne’s underground sewers passed through the pumps at Spotswood. Students travel back to 1942 and are challenged to solve problems, based on real events to ensure Melbourne avoids turning back into 'Smellbourne'! Students are guided by characters representing people who actually worked at the Pumping Station at the time. Working in pairs, they race against the clock to shovel coal in the coal bunker, stoke the boilers to the right pressure and even help an old man who is on a desperate search for his false teeth. Yes, people frequently came to the Pumping Station looking for their false teeth! Yuck!