Village Cinema's "Meet The Nom Noms" was developed in conjunction with Chris Northey and Life Lounge Group to enhance the movie going experience with a classic campaign that just works, it gives life to the top 5 most popular Village cinema candy bar snacks and introduced a unique cast of animated characters: Kernel Corn (Popcorn), Pop (Soda), Salma (Nacho), Koolio (Choc Top), and Frank (Hot Dog).


Movie goers have the opportunity to take photos with all 5 characters at Villages cinema foyers, by posing behind over sized cut outs. Also patrons can spot placements including "larger than life" stands, giant stickers, animated multi screens, animated vertical HD screens. Sitting in the cinema, the experience continues in the form of a short cartoon while waiting for the feature to begin.


We have received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback, especially for our character design and animation work. We believe it's due to the collaborative environment that was established early on, we were allowed to explore possibility's and let our creativity shine. Personally we just love seeing them, each time we visit a Village cinema.