Cinema Candy Counter Characters

Our client, Life Lounge had a clear vision of their two main characters Kernel Corn Popcorn and Pop Soda during their pitch to Village Cinemas, but the other three characters, Coolio Choc-top, Salma Narcho and Frank Hotdog, really needed to be polished. We made an effort to bring these three characters up to the standard of the other two. We worked diligently to design as many choices as we could, just so we could present our favourite 2-3 designs of each character. From all reports to this day, it's unanimous with young and old alike, Frank Hotdog wins the most popular character of the Nom Noms family, for us it means all our hard work paid off. Check out our Nom Nom's characters now at Village Cinema candy bars around Australia.

Friendly Frog Facts

The creation of Geoff for South East Water was a lot of fun. What a pleasure it was to design Geoff for our client Websilk who supplied a brief that gave us the freedom to explore, only making sure our design was of a youthful and athletic character, which was easily depicted by his physic. Our interpretation led the design towards a friendly, positive and humorous frog, who an audience can empathise with, as he delivers his water saving message. We knew that Geoff's appeal made us focus on his face and especially in his eyes. Many drawings were made of Geoff's face, just to eliminate any desirable features we had to make sure we didn't miss anything.

eNett - VanMan