Wellness Leadership Revolution – Pain Island Pleasure Island

Wellness Leadership Revolution wanted a video that explained their service. The script is what they use on stage, acted out for a seminar audience. They wanted to convert this stage version into an online animated version to coincide with their new product launch. We talked about the anthology of the message in-depth then tinkered with it and refined it, until everyone was happy with the newly converted script. With the script firmly locked in, we were given absolute freedom with animation style.

We knew this project could easily have been a cheap and ordinary explainer video, but we both wanted something that stood out from the crowd. So we thought of a treatment that might reflect the animation style you might see at film festivals. Now there's no single style when it comes to film festivals, but we feel the emotion connected to independent films is one of discovery and innovation. We felt this style suited our clients mind set and would appeal to practitioners in the wellness industry.

It felt great being trusted to create own own vision for their story, as well as being part of the story process. This was a perfect mind meld, the project went without a hitch and the client loved the final animation.