BMP Modules – Spreadsheet Content Management

BMP Global asked us for a stylish animated look to match their equally stylish graded footage, which explains how easy it is for any company to create a business model that is catered for their needs. The advantage being, spend less time building a business model, to spend more time building a business.

Our task was to match this sophisticated business class, with a hint of retro look, while maintaining visualization of their efficient ease of use message. Our solution was this "Mad Man" render style of animation, which has a elements of class by using clean complimentary colours with a cut of coloured paper look which is also slightly retro.

This was great small budget project for us, making us think on our feet to come up with a nice look that does not break the bank. Luckily this style is fast to produce and quick to set-up, passing on saving to the client, who were very happy with the result, as were we.